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Cannabis Use In Patients With Multiple Sclerosis

Patients with MS often seek complimentary treatments to alleviate their symptoms. In a recent survey, MS patients were more likely to report marijuana usage in the past three months than healthy individuals, and usage was associated with relapsing-remitting MS disease course and symptom treatment.

The signs and symptoms of MS widely vary. However, approximately 60-90% of patients with MS experience spasticity during the course of their illness. According to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, there is some clinical evidence for the role of cannabis-based therapeutics as a complementary alternative treatment for symptom management, although questions remain about the benefits relative to potential side effects.

At the recent American Academy of Neurology meeting, a new study was presented on patient-reported cannabis use and spasticity in MS patients from Oregon. One-third of the surveyed patients reported using cannabis, including inhaled, topical, and edibles. Of those who used cannabis, all reported usage at least once a week, with more than half reporting daily use. All patients described cannabis being somewhat or very helpful for pain and almost 80% expressed similar benefit for spasticity. For the majority of patients, cannabis was used in addition to their prescribed medication.

Although the long-term safety and therapeutic potential of cannabis for MS and spasticity are not yet known, in Oregon, where both medical and recreational cannabis are legal, approximately one-third of surveyed patients reported using cannabis and found it to be helpful for pain and spasticity.


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