More Than 10% of Americans Report Using CBD for Health Benefits

This week, KannAInsight highlights the results from Gallop’s most recent polling on cannabis sentiment and use (see results here, here, and here). 

Approximately six in 10 Americans support marijuana legalization. For those individuals who do not favor legalization the most common reason was societal risks, including the possibility of increased car accidents involving drivers who use marijuana (79%) and the potential for stronger drug use (69%).

Of the supporters, 86% favor legalization for marijuana’s medical benefits. Furthermore, approximately four in 10 Americans stated that cannabidiol (CBD)-based products should be legally available for adults as an over-the-counter purchase, while another 21% thought these products should be available but with a doctor’s prescription. The majority of individuals with at least some familiarity with CBD credited these products with having health benefits for themselves or their pet. 

Indeed, one in seven Americans reported that they personally use CBD- based products, with younger Americans and those in the Western U.S. most likely to use these products. CBD users cited relief from pain (40%), anxiety (20%), insomnia (11%) and arthritis (8%) as the top reasons for use. Use for pain relief was equal among men and women. However, women were more likely than men to use CBD for anxiety (25% vs. 14%, respectively). While men were more likely than women to use CBD for help with sleep (15% vs. 8%, respectively). Only 4% of CBD-users reported recreational use. 

Nevertheless, the large majority of Americans are not yet familiar (35%) or do not use (50%) CBD-based products. Overall, older Americans are less familiar with and less likely use CBD-based products. 


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