This week KannAInsight features a new study on the safety and efficacy of medical cannabis in elderly patients.

The safety and efficacy of medical cannabis was evaluated in patients 75 years of age or older who utilized New York State’s Medical Marijuana Program’s cannabis. The most commonly experienced adverse events were drowsiness, loss of stability/balance, and gastrointestinal disturbance. Euphoria was also noted in a small percentage of patients. Those patients treated with a balanced THC-CBD oral formulation were more likely to report no adverse events.  

Additionally, symptomatic benefits of cannabis were observed in almost 70% of all patients, with the most common being improvements in chronic pain, sleep, neuropathy, and anxiety. Opioid pain medication was also reduced in approximately one third of the patients treated medical cannabis.  

Overall, medical cannabis was well-tolerated and efficacious in most elderly patients. Clinical trials are required to further investigate adverse events, optimal dosing, tolerability, and efficacy.