This week, KannAInsight features a new study on the effects of THC/CBD-based medication in patients suffering from dementia. 

According to the World Health Organization, there are approximately 50 million individuals worldwide suffering from dementia and this number is increasing, with roughly 10 million new case diagnosed each year. Many patients develop behavioral and psychological symptoms during the course of the disease, including agitation, delusions, hallucinations, and depression. A recent study suggests that medication combining THC/CBD may improve behavior problems in severely demented patients.  

In a small study, dementia patients with severe behavioral problems received oral THC/CBD-based medication daily. The THC/CBD oil was well-tolerated and improved rigidity and behavior, including screaming, aggression, and agitation. Overall, the patients were calmer, more relaxed, and smiled more, making daily care easier. Additionally, in approximately half the patients, THC/CBD allowed for a decrease or ending of other medications given to treat behavioral symptoms.   

Based on the results of this study, further research is warranted to determine the safety and efficacy of long-term treatment with THC/CDB on behavioral symptoms in dementia patients.