The volume of scientific literature on cannabinoids is growing at an astounding rate. A search of PubMed indicates that more than 1000 new articles on cannabinoids have been published already this year, a number that will likely surpass the total number of cannabinoid publications in all of 2018. And this accounts only for journals that are indexed in PubMed!

Therefore, it is critical for cannabis stakeholders to maintain awareness of the latest scientific and regulatory developments. But comprehensive literature searches are time-consuming, leaving little time to actually read and interpret the new research and the impact it might have on your business.

This is why you need KannAInsight™!

What is KannAInsight™?

KannAInsight™ is your comprehensive guide to the latest cannabinoid science. Powered by our proprietary artificial intelligence technology, DataTrove®, keeps you fully up-to-date on the latest cannabinoid research.

Our curators, along with sophisticated machine learning algorithms, ensure that relevant scientific literature (including regulatory updates and news) is identified and delivered in an easy-to-read email “digest” every Monday morning.

You will also receive easy-to-read editorials summarizing the featured “Article of the Week”, as well as on-demand alerts that will notify you of highly important research or regulatory updates.

Additionally, on the first of every month, the system also generates a categorized literature list that is emailed to you.

The results are stored on the cloud so that you can access the literature remotely, instantly, and easily. Our database contains the links to every document in the “Cannabis Science” library, which you can view with just a single click.

Plus, every article is tagged for easy searching and categorization of studies!

If you want to grow your cannabis business but find yourself overwhelmed by the ever-changing scientific and regulatory landscape, then KannAInsight™ is for you. We can help you stay on top of the emerging scientific literature — contact us and we’ll be in touch. Or subscribe today!

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